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OpenText Release 16

The world鈥檚 most complete and integrated Enterprise Information Management portfolio

Unlock the Information Advantage with the latest innovations from OpenText

Information opportunity

Today’s market-disrupting technologies are driving new and exciting opportunities to transform the way personal lives are conducted, business is handled and governments are run. The capacity for organizations to generate and collect information is greater than ever before. Harnessing information to its full potential while keeping it secure and compliant creates an information advantage that reveals intelligent insights and drives better results. OpenText™ Release 16 makes that possible.

Information advantage

OpenText Release 16 delivers an information advantage with world-class Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies, transforming how insight is created and how decisions are made. The Release 16 portfolio enables the capture, governance, exchange and use of information to its full potential to drive productivity, growth and a lasting competitive advantage.

Flexible path to cloud

Offered in the cloud, hybrid and off-cloud, OpenText Release 16 can be combined with managed services so enterprises can balance regulatory and security requirements with the agility, speed of innovation and cost-savings the cloud delivers.

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Download the Digital Strategy Roadmap

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Read the Release 16 blog

New in Enhancement Pack 6

OpenText delivers regular improvements to Release 16. The most recent update, Enhancement Pack 6 (EP6), represents improvements across the entire product set. From new integrations to advancements in AI and analytics to improved security, usability and automation, Release 16 EP6 delivers innovations that arm customers with the technology they need to transform their information strategy.

Highlights of Release 16 EP6 include:

Unlocking the power of AI and analytics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making data capture, discovery and management more efficient and usher in a new era of automation. Release 16 EP6 is on the forefront of that innovation:

  • The OpenText AI and Analytics platform makes it even easier to get the data needed for AI, as well as operationalize it across the enterprise. Business users and data scientists alike can now automatically validate machine learning models as well as benefit from a new embedded enterprise-scale ETL for scaling data workflows.
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  • OpenText Content Services uses machine learning for intelligent capture to automate form completion and enhance data validation, making capture more efficient and more accurate. Now, users can fill out forms from scanned documents with a single click through a combination of text recognition and fuzzy database look-ups.
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  • With EP6, OpenText™ Discovery adds new products and more AI for efficiency, cost savings and a competitive advantage in investigations and eDiscovery. New products and features include predictive filtering and search capabilities that learn from human feedback—completely customizable and fully integrated.
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  • The OpenText™ Experience Suite Platform leverages AI to increase the productivity of digital asset managers and customer experience teams. Now, content creators can discover content relevant to the page they are authoring with intelligent content suggestions, automatically generate summaries from long-form content and apply metadata automatically detected and created with AI-driven asset tagging.
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Delivering integration that matters

Without integration, information is scattered. Release 16 EP6 fundamentally integrates to the parts of the business that matter to securely manage the complexity of information flow end-to-end. Combined with automation and AI, Release 16 can connect, synthesize and deliver information where it's needed to drive new efficiencies, experiences and insights.

Securing information at scale

For information to remain a strategic advantage it must be protected. Security is baked into every single OpenText product and process. Advancing security, while improving business processes and user experiences, is a critical component of Release 16 EP6.

  • OpenText Security has added realtime, continuous endpoint monitoring and threat detection for complete visibility, built to scale up to the largest enterprises and networks. Now, Security Analysts can halt the spread of a threat with endpoint isolation, giving the enterprise peace-of-mind and time to properly evaluate threats. Forensic investigation support is also enhanced with unfettered access to nearly every possible device type, operating system, cloud source and encryption technology.
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  • Content Suite is making permissions and records management easier and more defensible while adding more capabilities for security-conscious customers who run off-cloud. A new Permissions Explorer delivers more efficient permission management across multiple locations. Disposition review is now available in Smart View. And, audit logs can now be synchronized across Content Suite, Core and OpenText™ Extended ECM.
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  • Law firms and legal departments are entrusted with some of the most sensitive information. OpenText™ eDOCS delivers two new layers of security, proactive and reactive, with the release of OpenText™ eDOCS Defense. EP6 introduces document level encryption-at-rest to further secure documents, along with activity monitoring to escalate and triage potentially malicious threats to content.
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