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OpenText OT2

OT2, the next-generation EIM as a Service platform from OpenText, delivers services to support the development and deployment of EIM applications

OpenText™ OT2 represents a shift in how enterprises assemble and operate their Enterprise Information Management (EIM) business solutions. A platform for the future, OT2 enables customers to leverage information, foster collaboration, create innovative applications and drive digital transformation.

Introducing OpenText™ OT2: The catalyst for innovating and delivering EIM as a Service solutions faster

With OT2, organizations can leverage existing investments in their on-premises platforms and extend solutions where cloud can quickly improve time to value, such as customer, supplier and partner collaboration. Delivering SaaS applications that extend existing solutions prevents new information silos and simplifies technology investment decisions by providing compelling enterprise applications for business users.

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Transforming business workloads in a SaaS-first world

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And, discover how connecting applications to backend systems avoids Saas sprawl, breaks down silos and ensures content flows seamlessly across the organization.

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451 Research Brief: Transforming business workloads in a SaaS-first world

What is new in OT2?

New OT2 applications include OpenText™ Core Capture, providing cloud-based omnichannel ingestion of any content to organize and route it through a combination of OCR and machine learning, and OpenText™ Core for Supplier Exchange, streamlining distribution, review and approval of transmittals and deliverables between customers and suppliers, vendors and clients. This release adds granularity of permissions, scoping and federation to better enable the development of end-user experiences that remain consistent across multiple applications. This latest release also provides deeper hybrid and cloud-to-cloud integrations with leading applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, OpenText™ Content Suite Platform and OpenText™ Documentum™, to improve end-to-end collaboration.

OpenText Developer Experience is coming soon

OT2 accelerates digital transformation by exposing developers to EIM services that can be used to build cloud native applications. Easy-to-use APIs and SDKs will make it simple for developers to ramp up quickly.

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